What to expect in a session

I will listen while you talk about whatever is on your mind. I will ask you at the start of the session whether you would like any feedback, and if so, how much and what kind. My tendency is toward minimal feedback, just allowing you to express yourself fully with me as an empathetic, supportive witness. I have a background in practicing Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication (NVC), as described by Marshall Rosenberg, and this sometimes may include reflective listening, where I might reflect back some of what I hear you say (for example, “Are you feeling…?” or “It sounds like you’re feeling…”) as a way to ensure understanding, empathy, and clarity. I can tailor the amount of such feedback to your preferences.

However, please keep in mind that this is not psychotherapy. While I believe that deep empathetic listening can be very therapeutic and nourishing, I am not a licensed therapist, and I am not equipped to guide you through serious issues, such as chemical dependencies, past or present experiences of violence or abuse, serious depression or anxiety, serious thoughts or intentions of harming yourself or others, etc. If you are experiencing distress in relation to any of these issues, then I urge you (and I may refer you) to see a licensed counselor or healing practitioner such as a psychiatrist, psychologist or licensed clinical social worker.


I will maintain anything you share in a session in strict confidence. The only exceptions are those required by law: I will need to notify appropriate legal authorities if you share with me information about child abuse that is occurring presently, or an intention or plan to harm yourself or others.


Payment is due at the end of each session. I accept credit cards via PayPal, or if we meet in person, I can accept cash or a check made out to Happy to Listen. If you cancel an appointment less than 24 hours beforehand, I ask that you pay for the session.

~ Maren Souders, Happy to Listen