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"I never knew how important empathetic listening and validation were in my life until I worked with Maren. I immediately felt stronger and more empowered to do my life tasks, and negotiate things with others." – NR


We do not have enough time in today's world to listen to each other and be heard. We are bombarded with information, stressed out from work, and living in a near-constant state of activity. When we do find time to connect with friends and family, we still may not get all we need: time is short; there may be distractions such as ringing phones; our words may trigger unexpected feelings in the listener, leading to disconnects, arguments, or tangents ...

This lack of listening and empathy takes its toll on our relationships, our sense of connection to ourselves, and our ability to live at our highest, most joyful potential.

•   Are you struggling in a personal or work relationship, and need a chance to "vent," and express your feelings to an impartial outsider?

•   Are you wrestling with questions relating to your life direction? (Should you travel? Begin a new career? Go back to school?)

•   Perhaps you have some new ideas that you're excited about, and you want to say them out loud and talk them through, in order to get clearer.

It brings me great joy to support people in all of these ways by listening and holding space. Imagine if you had a fully present, supportive listener for a whole hour, allowing and encouraging you to share whatever is alive in you. No distractions. No judgment. No advice. No agenda, other than helping you to connect with yourself, get grounded, and gain clarity on your life.

"It is so refreshing and therapeutic to be able to talk and process out loud to someone who not only authentically cares, but has a broad base of understanding and has been practicing the art and science of listening for over a decade.

I repeatedly during our sessions feel elated, relieved, valued and affirmed. Maren is able to keep up continuously with me from session to session and thread to thread and we have been working together for over a year." – BK

At the end of each session, I am confident you will feel lighter, calmer, and more energized. It’s like a rejuvenating massage of the mind and heart! You can choose to call at whatever interval works best for you – once or twice a week, every two weeks, once a month – or whenever you need it.

I offer evening and weekend appointments via phone or Skype.  If you happen to be in the Portland, Oregon area, in-person sessions are also an option.


50-minute stand-alone session: $95

25-minute stand-alone session: $55

These two are a good way to give it a try and see if I’m a good fit for you, or to simply have as an option for whenever you might find yourself in need some of empathy.


3 50-minute sessions (plus a free bonus 25-minute session): $285

12 50-minute sessions (plus 4 free bonus 25-minute sessions): $1140

Sessions and bundles

If you're ready to feel lighter, clearer, stronger, and more inspired, I would love to hear from you! You can schedule a session now by email or phone at 971-303-8395.